NYC Stationery Shops


My favorite places to buy pens, pencils, paper, greeting cards and more!


As a child the most magical and exciting time of year was not Christmas, or Halloween, or even my birthday, it was back-to-school season.

The prospect of getting brand new pens, pencils, and color-coded notebooks was energizing, and I would spend hours pouring over sale ads for office supply stores, strategizing what I needed for each class.

Now as an adult, that same love for office supplies has turned me into a stationery-shop-aholioc. NYC has many wonderful, small, independent stores that sell more paper goods and writing utensils than 11 year old me could have dreamed of.

These are a few of my favorite shops to browse on a regular basis. Each of them not only have a wonderful inventory of stationery supplies, but they are also simply beautiful shops.

I hope this post inspires you to embrace your nerdy, school supply obsessed, inner child and visit these lovely stores.

CW Pencil Enterprise

The Shop: This small store is not only a dream for anyone who loves writing or drawing with pencils, but also for anyone who loves a carefully curated and aesthetically beautiful space. The employees are helpful and knowledgeable. If you are overwhelmed, curious, or unsure, ask for help. They really do just sell pencils (and pencily things), so if you are sold out for ink, this might not be where you find you newest writing companion, but it is still absolutely worth a visit, and you might just be converted.

The Location: Lower East Side/Chinatown

The Inventory: Pencils. All the pencils. Pencil accessories: erasers, sharpeners, cases, clips. Stickers. Small Notebooks.

My favorites: Metallic jumbo pencils, classic pencil clip, bullet sharpener (on key ring), thermoplastic eraser, pencil cap.



Goods for the Study

The Shop: I’ve described this store as full of items you might find in Richard Gilmore’s study. It has everything you could dream of to build you perfect office or desk space.  While they definitely carry some high end (read: expensive) products, I have been surprised several times at how affordable they are in general, so don’t let the $115.00 paper weights deter you. I bought my Leuchtturm1917 dotted notebook here because it was cheaper than on amazon.

The Location: Greenwich Village

The Inventory: Greeting cards, notebooks, journals, daily planners, calendars, office supplies, writing utensils

My favorites: poketo brass bookmark ruler, Mon Carnet de Poche Journals



Yours Truly, Brooklyn

The Shop: This shop has only been open a couple months, so I’ve only been able to visit once, but it is absolutely beautiful. It’s small, quaint, and happily situated next to a wonderful independent bookstore.

The Location: Fort Greene, Brooklyn

The Inventory: notebooks, wrapping paper, maps, wall art, greeting cards.



The Ink Pad

The Shop: This tiny little shop is packed to the brim with stamps and other scrapbooking or craft supplies. If you are looking to up your card/letter/scrapbook/bullet journaling game this is the place. Shelves and shelves of beautiful and unique stamps, and every color and type of ink. This is also a store you could walk in knowing nothing, and come out okay with the help of the staff.

The Location: Greenwich Village

The Inventory: Stamps, ink pads (for all types of paper), customizable stamps, cards, card stock, coloring books, pens and markers.



Greenwich Letterpress

The Shop: As the name suggests, this shop is the place for all you letter writing and card mailing needs. Additionally this is a great place to find a gift for someone. All of their cards are unique and often hilarious.

The Location: Greenwich Village

The Inventory: Greeting cards, prints, gift items, customizable stationery, wedding invitations.

My favorites: TV Show Themed Key Tags


Please let me know if you visit or love any of these stores, and be sure to comment below your favorite stationery shops!