Book Review: Words in Deep Blue


This book was a collision of three of my favorite things: books, hand written letters, and the ocean. Told by two first person narrators who are best friends whose relationship has deteriorate over the last few years. Recently reunited, Henry and Rachel are forced to reconcile while working alongside each other at an idyllic independent bookstore. Ultimately this is a story about varieties of love in different stages.

The inclusion of personal letters between all the characters gives everyone depth and vulnerability, but I was ultimately still left wanting more from everyone. I think it is a marvelous testament to the author's skill that I would happily read a spin-off style sequel about anyone in this book, even the “villains” or unlikable characters.

Although this story is set in Australia and written by an Australian author I did not have any trouble picking up the language or conversation style. I found the setting and different vocabulary to be charming but not distracting.

I found the tone to be the perfect balance of poetic prose and action. Because books and letters act as dominant characters in this story it is ideal for anyone who loves and cherishes books or indie bookstores.

Rachel, Words in Deep Blue; Page 77

Rachel, Words in Deep Blue; Page 77

It is a truth universally acknowledged, according to George, that shit days get shitter. Shit nights roll into shit mornings that roll into shit afternoons and back into shit, starless nights. Shitness, my sister says, has a momentum that good luck just doesn’t have.
— Henry, Words In Deep Blue; page 65

Rating: 4/5

Mood: the fondness, warmth, and safety we feel for the familiar. Familiar books, familiar places, familiar people.

For Fans Of: Books/Indy bookstores, E. Lockhart, An Abundance of Katherines, Fangirl