Book Review: Holding Up The Universe

This novel was absolutely scrumptious. Libby Strout may be the first fictional character to compel me to applaud while reading.

Holding Up the Universe is a heartwarming story without saturating the pages in sweetness. The warmth comes from its honesty and kindness.

Despite the unusual conditions/circumstances surrounding the lives of Jack and Libby they are both incredibly relatable. You will rooted for them as individuals and together.  

This book is worth reading for many reasons: the characters (minor and major) are all well developed and interesting. The story is also completely unpredictable. It goes places you don't expect and couldn't predict. And, it will likely end up showing you things about how you view yourself and others. 

If you are familiar with Jennifer Niven from All the Bright Places, you can expect the same poetic language and lovable characters without a need for copious amounts of tissues and chocolate on hand this time. 

Rating: 4.5/5

Mood: In need of a midnight snack, but the pantry is empty, then suddenly you remember you have an extra box of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies in the freezer.

For fans of: Becky Albertalli, Rainbow Rowell of Fangirl/Attachments, Nicola Yoon


But the hardest thing is something I didn’t expect—seeing people I used to know, people I grew up with, and knowing while I sat in my house, they got older and went to school and made friends and had lives. It’s like I’m the only one who stopped.
— Holding Up the Universe. Page 46

I did not get to be Jack Masselin by pissing people off. And even though I may not always like Jack Masselin, I need him. Without him, I’m just some screwed-up kid with a screwed-up family and questionable future. And if I know anything about high school, it’s this: if you give people an excuse, they will feed you to the wolves.
— Holding Up the Universe. Page 73