Book Review: The Sun Is Also a Star


Nicola Yoon weaves a fascinating and daring love story that dowses the reader’s heart with understanding and anticipation.

The story centers around Natasha and Daniel giving us an alternating narration between the two then occasionally wading through snapshots of minor and supporting characters.

Nicola Yoon incorporates additional voices and educates the reader on relevant topics without damaging the momentum of the story.

This book has inherent value based solely on the quality of writing and the beauty of the two characters as individuals and as they fall in love. Additionally, it gives insight into the lives of two families, in the same city, with drastically different experiences of immigrating to the United States. Without downplaying hardship,  or sacrificing authenticity to preach, the story is compelling and impassioned.

If you loved Everything, Everything this book will not disappoint. Nicola Yoon is skilled in creating two characters in seemingly desperate circumstances, yet somehow hope blooms abundantly.

Rating: 4/5

Mood: The terrific smell of movie theater popcorn makes up for the fact that it's drastically over priced. 

For fans of: NYC stories of serendipity, An Abundance of Katherines, Holding Up the Universe

As our eyes meet, I get a kind of deja vu, but instead of feeling like I’m repeating something from the past , it feels like I’m experiencing something that will happen in our’s like knowing all the words to a song but still finding them beautiful and surprising.
— The Sun is Also a Star. Page 66
Where did all those feelings go? People spend their whole lives looking for love...but how can you trust something that can end as suddenly as it begins?
— The Sun is Also a Star. Page 58