Book Reviews Introduction

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I write reviews for two reasons. First, because after reading a book I need a way to process the experience. When I read a book, I live in that book. I love the time spent with a book. I love the time away from a book, right in the middle of the story, where I can mull over everything that’s happened so far and dream about what might happen next. I write reviews because as soon as I finish a story I miss the characters and the experience of living in their world for a time.

    Secondly, because despite the abundance of easily accessible book reviews there are so few that tell me what I want to know. Book reviews are often incredibly lengthy and far too descriptive. It is my goal to write reviews that don’t tell you about the book, so much as tell you how the book will treat you as it’s reader.

    I want to convince people to read a book based on what the experience of diving into the story’s world will add to their lives. Reading a book is a commitment. Not only of time, but also mental and emotional energy. Hopefully, you will find that these reviews help you make an informed decision about whether, or not, a book is right for you and worth reading.

    Additionally, you will find…

    • My Rating: 1-5
    • For Fans Of: other book/authors/types of stories that would be good indicators of your compatibility with this book.
    • Mood: one sentence to sum up the feeling of this story as a whole. I take the feeling/sentiment/response that completing the book leaves you with and compare it to something familiar.
    • Quote: If I am considering buy or reading a book by a new author I always read the first few paragraphs before committing. I think it is important have a sense of the voice of the author as well as the narrator of the story. The quotes I have selected will hopefully serve as accurate snapshots of the tone/voice of story.  

     Book Reviews