Book Review: What's Your Creative Type

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I picked up this book on a whim while buying another book about creativity. Written by a professor at Emerson College this book was less “academic” (in a good way) than I was expecting. Wagner approached each of the five creative types with a collection of stories and quotes from renowned and respected artist who exemplify each specific type. Each chapter contains a list of ten statements that are typically true for that type and I related to some for every type. The chapters are well organized with headers for new topics which breaks up each type into small manageable parts. It was a great book to read on the train or in small chunks.


While the first two chapters were interesting, I started to become restless with the anecdotes and stories. I wasn’t sure what type I was yet, and was frustrated by my own ambiguity.  Then, I got to Chapter Three: The Game Changer. The more I read about this type the more excited I got. The stories were fascinating, I started adding the books mentioned to my to be read list, and pausing mid-paragraph to research about an artist or incident mentioned. I had found my type.

Initially I couldn’t decide what was most “me”, I identified with a little bit of each type, but when I read about Game Changers my response and emotions were completely different than while reading any other chapter. Once you find the type that you can't want to stop reading (and re-reading) about that is probably a good way to indicate this is your type. And, it was more interesting and enjoyable to read about the other types knowing where I fit into the overall picture.


  1. A-Lister: Dreams of applause and adoration, fame, and immortality

  2. Artisan: Becomes completely immersed in creativity, even losing all track of time

  3. Game Changer: Seeks to break boundaries and crash conventions

  4. Sensitive Soul: Wants to express themselves while also helping others

  5. Activist: Has a fiery desire to right wrongs and change the world

Author Meta Wagner discusses the 5 types

So, If you want to enhance your creativity and reach your artistic potential, you, too, must find why you create...understanding your artistic motivations matters. And recognizing your self-defeating tendencies matters, too.
— What's Your Creative Type? Page xi

This book is well written and well researched, but presents no stuffy or murky chunks of information to sift through. Its tone is light, energetic, and informative. If you hoping to understand your creative drives and use that understanding to free yourself up to be more creative that is exactly what you will find with “What’s Your Creative Type?”.