Book Review: Buffering

Hart is a practiced writer--not as a career or art, but as a form of communion with her own soul.

In her book, she welcomes all as close friends giving us the gift of her vulnerability, honesty, and actual journal entries.

Given the experiences in her life, Hannah could have easily created a self-aggrandizing pity party, but rather she reveals herself to be humble, humorous and always hopeful.

As a long time fan of Hannah Hart's YouTube channel, MyHarto, I expected to love this book because I already know and love Hannah. I opened this book with high expectations and anticipation and I closed it with astonishment. Buffering is more than a memoir, or compilation of stories, it is a testimony to the power of hope, perseverance, and practicing reckless optimism.  

Rating: 5/5

Mood: Place the oxygen mask on yourself before helping others who may need your assistance.

Fans of: Hannah Hart/MDK, Mary Oliver, feeling less alone, genuine, honest, hopeful story telling

“I find flying to be terrifying in the same way that most of life can be starling—it’s not the pain itself but it’s the anticipation/expectation that leads fear to be so exhausting to me.”
— Buffering. Page 97.