Book Review: Autoboyography

Book Review: Autoboyography


It’s rare that I will start recommending book before I am  finished reading it. But, with this book I was so confident not only that I knew people who would love it, but also that no matter what happened this was a story worth reading. Autoboyography tells the story of high school senior Tanner, and his efforts to write a novel for his  senior seminar class. Tanner identifies as bi-sexual, but since moving to hyper-religious and conservative Utah from California, he has been less open about his sexual orientation. He forms an immediate connection with local writer and son of a mormon bishop, Sebastian Brother, who is assisting with the seminar class 

The story is touching, inspiring, and deeply heartbreaking. The speed of the story is quick enough that you cannot bare to to put the book down, but slow enough that characters are well developed and emotions have time to fully form. Dealing with topics such as religion and sexuality can quickly become treacherous. I found that Christina Lauren avoided making any character in this book out to be the “bad guy” no matter how unfair, ignorant, or harmful the authors painted each person with grace in a way that helps the reader find empathy for everyone. 

Before reading this book I knew very little about Mormonism and enjoyed being able to learn more about that church and community. It did not feel like the authors were trying to demonize the faith or religion in general, which i really appreciated. 

This is an excellent book for anyone who has felt like there isn’t room for them in a religious community, but also for anyone who loves a well told love story. 

Rating: 5/5

Mood: Walking into a beautiful woods, looking at all the plants and flowers, then suddenly realizing you’ve wondered far from the path and are completely lost. But you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. 

For fans of: Simon vs. The Homo-sapiens Agenda, What to Say Next, Openly Straight 

Note: The audiobook version is excellent