I am not an eReader; I don’t own and kindle or a nook, and I only read on my phone in desperate situations. I like heavy, beautiful, hardback books with pages that smell like history and imagination.

BUT. I. Love. Audiobooks.

Listening to Audiobooks has completely expanded and improved my reading life. And I am passionate about helping others learn to love and value audiobooks as well. So, I have written about 11 of my reasons for loving audiobooks. I would love for you to share how you feel about audiobooks in the comments below!

1. Time:

You don’t have enough time to read all the books you want to read, right?

But, by including audiobooks you can easily increase (even double) the amount of books you read each year.

And this is easily achievable by simply listening to books while continuing to do things you already do daily.

audiobook time graphic.png

2. Entertainment:

Because audiobooks are read, often times by skilled voice actors and performers, there is an element of theatrics and entertainment that cannot be replicated sitting quietly and reading to yourself. This is especially important if you are looking to dive into some of those classics that you missed (or sparknotes-ed) in high school. For example: Rosemund Pike reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

4. Language:

Listening to a book while reading along can help with language acquisition, both in young readers and for people learning a new language.

3. Variety:

Books you would otherwise overlook, could be wonderful as audiobooks making it easier to explore new genres or writing styles.


Speaking of road trips, audiobooks make it possible to share the experience of a book with other people, for instance, while spending hours in a car together. Funny or adventure packed stories can be especially enjoyable shared with others.

5. Travel:

Audiobooks are wonderful travel companions. I consider them an absolute necessity for long trips in the car or on a train. (especially for those of us prone to car-sickness )

8. ACCESSIbilitY:

I really hate the shame that gets thrown around about audiobooks. Being able to read (and I would argue loving to read) is a privilege, and one that many people never experience. Audiobooks can help to expand a book’s audience to include people of differing abilities and levels of education.

7. Learning:

Audiobooks can function like a lecture or lesson, which can be advantageous with educational/self-help/nonfiction titles. It also gives you the option to take notes, or write down thoughts, which can lead to you retaining more than you would by simply reading the book.

10. Vocabulary:

Audiobooks help us hear, understand, and learn new words in a way that we can easily use them again. This is especially helpful when reading translated books, or books with terms or phrases in another language, for example, The Little Book of Hygge.

9. Listening:

It is a valuable skill, and one that experts say we need to improve. Not only do children need to learn how to listen, but it  is important for people of all ages to practice actively listening. Improved listening skills can improve our relationships, help us avoid conflict, and perform better at work.

11. Reach Beyond Your Reading Level:

While this idea clearly applies to children, it also applies to adults. Everyone has had different opportunities and advantages in their life, and reading can be more challenging for some than for others. Audiobooks can help level the playing field by making books that would normally be a struggle to read and comprehend more accessible. This can also be a great way for children (especially those who are more emotionally mature) to enjoy stories above their reading level.


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Which of these 11 reasons to you resonate with? Are there any that you hadn’t thought about before? Do you hate audiobooks and completely disagree? Let me know in the comments bellow!